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Attractive Dubai Abaya

Islamic dresses and upper: wear are progressively confined more and more market, and the dresses and upper wears now wearing in most of western and non Muslim countries also. Islamic dresses and upper wears includes shalwar kameez, hijab, abaya, jilbab and kaftan etc.All these Islamic dresses contains Burqa / Hijab Designs as well as Abaya 2011-12 and Kaftans/ Caftan Collection for Muslim ladies as well as fashion trend.

Black Dubai Abaya

Grey Dubai Abaya

Casually stitched Dubai Abaya:

latest abaya  This Abaya and scarf set have some beautiful stone work which gives this a fancy look. Casually stitched full sleeves have stones at the edges and the scarf also has same sort of stones which gaze so pretty. This slim fit casual Abaya looks so beautiful and attractive.

Black & Silver Abaya Style

Red & Black Dubai Abaya

Little Embroidery Work

Little embroidery work and buttons at the bust makes this fancier; this should very popular in South Asia. Close round shape neck with full sleeves looks mind blowing and wonderful. Lareine design some beautiful Abaya’s for her Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 and use some multicolor scheme. Women’s Abaya is a traditional Muslim wear (common more among Middle Easter khaleeji women), which is like a cloak made of a single piece of cloth. They cover everything below the shoulders barring only the hands and feet. Traditionally they were available in black but these days they are also available in different vibrant colors. But these days it has become very common among women of different regions; you can identify them as kaftans. men, but no one can deny that they are very comfortable.

Black & Golden Abaya

Black Dubai Abaya

Nice Embroiderd Neck Lines

available in many designs; you may easily find hooded ones for a cold day, apart from these you have the ones you can use casually or formally. Jilbabs have a structure in which you can add frills, flares, ruffles, laces, cuffed sleeves, to stylize your garment. An Abaya is a single piece cloak whose sleeves are not stitched to the main body. These usually have embroidered neck lines, sleeves or base.

Abaya Collection of 2011

favourateLareine design some beautiful Abaya’s for her Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 and use some multicolor scheme. She uses different color fabric. New Bridal Abayas  Latest Abaya Collection 2011-12 Abayas is a Muslim culture for Muslim girls and a common wear upper dress in all Muslim. Pakistani Abaya Styles;Muslim women will really like and happy to leave some comments.

Black & Red Abaya

Black & Farozy Abaya

Abayas Collection For Summer:

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Farozy Stylish Abaya

Arabian Abaya Styles:
The Abaya is most favorite dress of Muslims females abaya burqa. Abaya dress is mostly use in Muslims countries. Abaya is known as ” Hijaab” abaya designs. Abaya is mostly Abaya styles long dress for fully niqab and cover there clothes women abaya fashion. Woman’s want always look fabulous and beautiful Abayas. Some Famous designers arabic abaya style are designed these outstanding and gorgeous Abayas Dresses which is also called as “Burqa“.We have here a Latest abaya images in our web gallery for abaya pictures, must check them and keep us inform through your feed back.

Light Brown Arabian Abaya

Black Arabian Beautiful Abaya

Maroon Abaya With Stylish Embroidery

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